Introducing SLAVES TO COOL (a musical)

FromĀ Dream Job’s Blog
Welcome to the Cool World! From the power of the people, to the hands of the middle man, manufactured for the market and sold back to the masses, “Slaves to Cool” exports musical theater on a fantastic journey to the heart of a priceless song. From singer-songwriter and performance artist ricardo iamuuri, performed by Pittsburgh’s own DREAM JOB, comes “Slaves to Cool,” a fearless new musical that explores the complexities of “Cool” by way of cross-examination: profit over people, the sacred and the profane, liberty versus security, and reality compared to illusion. We have packaged and sold our “Fire” (our creativity, our zeal, our vision) and now we only consume the fashion thereof. In ignorance we buy into “Cool” (the creation, the acknowledgement, the art), consequently abandoning the spark. Now, “Cool” has become Master, and as long as we continue to forget what gave birth to “Cool” we will remain “Slaves” to it! In this fable, two friends find themselves charting separate courses in life: one toward the corporate sector of “Cool” and the other toward the resistance of “Cool.” Swelling with soulful sounds and powerfully convicting lyrics, and overflowing with relentless passion, “Slaves to Cool” will shake your foundation and encourage you to walk through your own “Fire” of questions regarding our collective state of convenience, conformity, composure and control. This musical extravaganza will tear down the fourth wall to engage audience members from the onset and push us all toward a personal dramatic finale of choice!