Joy Ike – Sweeter [Official Video]

Introducing the official video for Joy Ike’s “Sweeter”.
Be sure to check out her website to learn all about it.
BAND: Peace Ike, Eleanor Graham, Jason Rafalak, Joy Ike

MAIN CHARACTERS: Brittany Hartman & Brian Buck (love interest), Victor Ike, Chad Eric Smith, Bryan Jarrell, Michael Thornhill, Sean Singer

MARATHON SIDELINERS: Dante Martin, Jeriah Hendrix, Anthony Hollin, Nicholas Greiner, Steffi Wesolosky, Claire Wesolosky, Rachel Pearson, Brianna Pearson, Anastasia Pearson, Kayla Pearson, James Pearson, Owen Pearson, Isabella Pearson, Emma Pearson, Patricia Hagaman, Alexander Hagaman, Jeremiah Hagaman, Leland Shaw, Jess Uhler, Kira Yeversky, Amy Scafuri, Miss Jesse Scafuri, Kaity Deutsch, Travis Webb, Felicia A. Petro, Dave Straub, Le’Naiya “Rashida” Blackwell, Peace Ike, Allie Hull, Rachel Dean

VIDEO CONCEPT: by Joy Ike and the voices in her head

FILMED & EDITED: by Studio Corrida