Close to a year ago, deep in the throes of another failed experiment, we received a mysterious transmission.

After an all-nighter in the editing lab, the noise of this transmission became lucid. It was a proposition from beyond, a challenge from what has come to be known as FIELD REPLACEMENT UNIT.

F.R.U. had chosen studioCORRIDA to distill our visual artistry into chaos that will translate their noise pollution into the visual realm.

Through various visions and meditations, Garret and I set out to create this film. We researched every flaw in the logic of producing a film and harnessed it. Over the course of a year, we have slow-cooked said vision on low.

Month after month, the story began to tell itself. Other projects began and ended, the F.R.U. experimenting continued. With each scene, each shoot, each cut, the blade we were forging began to take shape.

We are about to finish this journey, startlingly close. Soon we will be sharing the transmission. The reverb nation, the myspace, and the facebook have already been infected. Consider this a warning.


The Base.