words by Jarrod DeArmitt

One man, John Chriest, sits slouched on chair. There’s a guitar and microphone. There’s a pedal board
and a small amplifier. And then suddenly there’s more. The world in which the music of Ivory Weeds
lives is one where sound and silence twist, tumble, and splay out like a tangled glacier. It’s the music of
late nights, soft light, and intimate memories. The waltz becomes fevered. There is no room left on the
walls or the ceiling. The dance floor is full. Chriest, unmoving, pulls you into that chair just as everything
begins to crash, and the song folds in on itself. It’s quiet. Breathe in. Release.

Fellow member of the newly minted Monalloh Foundry, a Pittsburgh Based Creative Collective.

PART I – Autumn (I can’t stay)

PART II – The American Dream

Ivory Weeds is John Chriest
Visual Art by Steph Neary

Studio Corrida:
Camera/Edit – Garret Jones
Sound Mix/Camera/Edit – Anthony DeAngelis
Camera – Beano Gee
Audio – Jarrod Dearmitt

Special Thanks to Sabrina Murphy and Luke Boegel from Lava Lounge for the Audio Feed